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    GM Keke
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    Post by GM Keke on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:26 am

    The Way The World Flows chapter 1.
    I guess, some days are.. a bit peculiar, but that day, was extremely strange. It was a nice walk to school, and the delinquent I am, a late walk to school. The school was surrounded by trees and cherry blossoms. I finally reached the school, after the long road down, well, the only route to get there. I guess I was just glad I could enjoy a walk alone by myself, since I'm quite annoyed by 75% of the people in this school.
    "Ah.. I'm missing roll call."
    I entered the class room to hear the teacher yell my name.
    "Takayuki Ito!"
    "Here!" I replied quickly.
    "You're late.." sighed my homeroom teacher.
    "Get to your seat."
    I walked to my seat, and just stared out the window, and didn't feel like listening to the teacher.
    "Listen everyone, today we're having a new student enter the class. Be on your best behavior to welcome--"
    The door opened, and entered a girl I've never seen before.
    "Ah, there she is now. Please, introduce yourself."
    The girl was quiet for a moment, shy I guess.
    I was surprised by how loud she was. Her face started to become red.
    "Yamashita-san, please sit next to Takayuki."
    She walked to the seat that was across from me. As she got closer, I noticed she had long, black hair, and her eyes were colored with a shiny teal.
    "Ah, Hello, I'm Yamashita Saki." then she held out her hand.
    "I'm Takayuki Ito, nice to meet you Yamashita ojou-sama." and I shook her hand.
    She started blushing and blurted "I-I-I'm not a ojou-sama." with another red face.
    "I'm just kidding you, lighten up a bit." I said with a grin.
    "Ah.. Sorry, I'm just so nervous."
    "There's nothing to be nervous about, take it from me, the 'delinquent'.
    "Really..? You seem like a nice person." she said sounding very honest.
    "I mainly ditch classes, not much else."
    The lesson started, and I stared out the window again, ending our small conversation. I turned my head back at her, and found that she really prepared herself. She had 3 notebooks, 5 pencils, and 2 erasers on her desk.
    "You sure pack a lot of stuff for school." I got no reply. She was tranced into the lesson. I look down at my desk, and found nothing on it. I laid my head down, and slept through the lesson.
    "Taka-kun... TAKA-KUN!"
    "Huh?! Wha?!"
    I woke up to the class president yelling in my ear.
    "Wake up you idiot! Lesson's over."
    "Good, I'll just sleep again."
    The president just sighs, and leaves the room.
    I looked around the class, and the new girl was sitting in the same spot, eating her bento out of a pink box decorated with hearts and stars on it.
    "That looks great!"
    I picked up a bit of tofu from it, and ate it.
    "HEY! I made that this morning.."
    "It was delicious!" I say with another big grin on my face.
    "I'll give you some of my bento, kay?"
    I started to go through my backpack, and found a blue bento box with a sticky note that said "Your favorite lunch, love Mom." I quickly crumpled it up and threw it into the trash can.
    "What was that?"
    "Nothing, nothing at all."
    I opened the box and found eel, onigiri, and rice with red bean.
    "Do you want to have an onigiri with me? My mother made it."
    "Uh, okay sure!"
    She took an onigiri out of my box, and then she closed her eyes, and looked like she was praying. She bit into the onigiri, and the look on her face made any man want to go "MOE MOE! KYUN!", like in anime.
    "It's good right?"
    "It's delicious! Your mother is a great cook!"
    Then.. suddenly, a tear fell from her cheek.
    "Whats wrong? Is the onigiri really that bad?"
    "No no, I'm sorry, excuse me."
    She wiped the tear with the sleeve of her shirt, and kept eating the onigiri like it was important to her.

    The Way The World Flows ch 2
    Later, we said our goodbyes for the day. I walked home alone, again. I soon realized I forgot my bag at school, but to me, who cares? I never do work, nor pay attention in class. I'm bound to just fail. But then it hit me. I saw a girl, running down the road, with my bag. It was her, Saki, she delivered the bag to me, with a generous will.
    "You.. forgot.. your bag!"
    She started panting wildly like she'd run a marathon.
    "Ah, sorry, did you run far to find me?"
    "There's only one route though, so I had no problem."
    "You're starting to breathe heavily, you okay?"
    "Ah, I'm fine, I haven't really exer-- I MEAN I HAVEN'T REALLY RAN THIS FAR BEFORE!"
    Saki's face got all red again, but in my mind, I was glad someone cared.
    "Do you.. need something to eat? It'll be my treat."
    I decided to pay her back for this unneeded favor.
    "There's a family restaurant a few blocks from here, let's go shall we?"
    "Um, okay sure, sorry for wasting your money on me."
    "No no, it's alright, this is my thanks."
    We walked together, down that only route, like there was no one else in existence. Just us two, I don't know why I was with her, a delinquent like me, and an intelligent person like her, but we just were.
    We reached the family restaurant, apparently it was 'Maid Special Service Day'. Around 30 girls, cosplaying as maids were working around the restaurant, while there were over 60 guys taking pictures of them.
    "It's.. really crowded isn't it."
    I tried to create more small talk, because that's all we had at that point.
    "Yeah...I guess so."
    She kept staring at a maid costume hanging on a rack.
    "..Do you want a maid costume yourself?"
    She nodded, without even thinking, while still staring at one. A maid server came up and asked us what to order. I didn't order anything, but Saki asked me if it was okay for a 'Mega Parfait', which is for 2. In this situation, I guess you'd say yes right?
    "One Mega Parfait, coming right up!"
    After 10 minutes of waiting, a huge glass of around 2 feet of ice cream, yogurt, and toppings came out to our table. It was decorated with hearts, and other random objects. Saki took the first bite.
    "So delicious!"
    She smiled, and ate at the same time, but then she got really sad again, like during lunch.
    "I'm.. sorry if this is wasting any of your time."
    "No, never, I'm glad to be here with you." I replied with confidence.
    She went back to eating, but as I decided to eat it with her. I grabbed the spoon, and we dug at it. This feeling was a feeling I've never felt before. The heart-warming feeling penetrated the cold ice cream going down my stomach.

    The Way The World Flows ch 3
    After we finished the parfait, we went outside.
    "Uh, that parfait was great! I really want to thank you for it."
    The look in her eye was as pure as the light from the moon.
    "It was really in thanks of you, I would haven't been able to do my homework tonight." Even though I never do my homework, ever.
    "It's getting late, so I'll meet you at school tomorrow?"
    We parted our ways, her house in the opposite direction of mine. As I reached home, my mother and father were fighting, once again. I keep thinking to myself
    "If you hate each other, then divorce, I wouldn't care at all."
    I felt annoyed by how they would just yell at each other for the stupidest reasons. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a drink, then head to my bedroom. At around 10 pm, I went to bed.
    The next day, I walked to school again, alone, down that empty route. I still had Saki on my mind, I felt curious about why she felt bad. I walked into the classroom, on time for once in my life. Saki was sitting in the same seat as yesterday, right next to mine.
    "Listen up class, I'll be assigning you all a project. You may work in pairs, so let me explain."
    A project? I guess I could work with Saki. I look over to ask Saki, and she was looking at me too, I guess we had the same idea in mind. Class ended, and we ate lunch together, again, but this time I didn't have a bento to eat. I unwrapped a small, lunch from a convenience store this morning, and started to eat. My meal consisted of dried meat, red skinned potatoes, and a bit of a cold soup, I really couldn't tell what it was.
    "So.. about that project, do you want to be partners?"
    I hoped her answer to be 'yes' or 'sure', and it came out as,
    "Okay, Let's split up the work then."
    It was an actual project that I wanted to work on. I felt like I needed to spend time with her. It was a part of me that needed companionship.
    Later on, school ended once again. We decided that we'd go to her house. Apparently, she has to walk far to get to school. Her house is like on the opposite side of town. We reached this huge mansion-like house, and stopped.
    "Is this your house...?"
    "Yep, this is where I live."
    "You go in first, ojou-sama." and I bowed.
    "..I'm not an ojou-sama though.."
    but she went first anyways.
    "Father, I'm home."
    I took off my shoes, and placed them on the doorstep.
    The inside was huge, probably 3 times the size of my own 2 story house.
    "Ah, Saki-chan. Welcome back."
    "Takayuki-kun, this is my father."
    "Ah, hello Yamashita-san."
    "Nice to meet you Takayuki-kun, please feel at home."
    I thought in my head, 'my home is 3x smaller than this though.'
    GM Ruby
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    In-Game Moderators

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    Post by GM Ruby on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:32 am

    -LIKES- Best story here, meng. ;D
    Seriously, props to you.
    The Left Click
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    Guild Leaders

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    Post by The Left Click on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:45 am

    GM Ruby
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    In-Game Moderators

    Posts : 21
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    Post by GM Ruby on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:52 am

    The Left Click wrote:O_o;;;

    ..That's such an enthralling response. :'D
    The Left Click
    Guild Leaders
    Guild Leaders

    Posts : 667
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    Post by The Left Click on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:59 am

    I never meant to blow your mind, My apologies.

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