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    Post by alex on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:23 am

    This is a list of all staff whether they be on the forum or on the server and in game. Questions should be sent to a member of staff.

    Yuki - Owner/Admin
    iErrored - Donations/Finance Manager (Semi-Inactive: Active on Forums, Inactive In-Game)
    Sauce - Lead GM
    Yumi - Back-end Server Support/Development (Semi-Inactive)
    Misuki - Server Support/Public Relations (Semi-Inactive)

    In-Game Support/Player Services
    Ruby - Event GM
    Lainia - Event GM
    Nacu - Event Support GM
    Keke - Support GM (Inactive)

    Website Management/Design
    Momo - Active on Forums

    Forum Administration
    Memieko - Forum Moderator
    Shix - Forum Moderator
    Epic - Forum Moderator (Inactive)
    Lucian - Forum Moderator

    Basically, as of the moment, there are 5 available GMs in-game. There are many forum moderators for the forums to help players out.


    Alexandria Davis (GM Misuki)
    Network Administrator
    Delta Services LLC.
    E-Mail and MSN: alex (at)
    Starlite Staff Alex1

    Note: Please don't PM me unless its urgent. Your welcome to IM me on MSN though. I usually hide in game but I like doing stuff so talk to me Razz. Oh yeah and I normally don't do events since I mainly deal with server related issues only.

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