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    Post by jolt on Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:16 pm

    In-game Name : Jolt

    Real Name (Optional):Jolt

    Time Zone:Arizona (PST/MST)

    The position that you want (PvP Police/WoE Police, Player Relations GM, Scripter GM, Helper): Scripter, Police(regular), Helper, Any.

    What does being a GM mean to you?: Helping those in need and getting jobs done.

    What is the reason for you wanting to become a GM?: To implement scripts and fix bugs so Yuki doesn't have to. Also to help the players in-game who need it.

    What will you contribute to the server if you are chosen?: Items, monsters, maps, etc. Basically lots of scripts and help.

    How many hours can you be online on Starlite RO for?: I'm on my computer when I'm not at school or working so I'm always available when needed. So essentially whatever I'm needed for.

    Why should we choose you?: Don't have to have me a GM. Yuki said I need to apply if I want on the Dev Team. -nods-

    Do you have any experience in being a GM? If so, give some examples: StarliteRO, VelvetRO, SymphonyRO, LeafVillageRO, ChobitChiiRO, BuckRO, and the list goes on. Everything from police, to head GM. Currently still Tech Support on KitsuneRO.

    Have you had any experience in scripting or spriting? If you are applying for a Scripter GM position, what scripts have you made already?: I made the Poring Race script already here, LH4 monsters, Nidhoggr monsters and many more already here on Starlite.

    How long did you play Starlite for? How often do you play on Starlite everyday?:Since opening. I play when I can or when Yuki needs me =D

    Information about yourself (skills, qualities, languages, and others): Fast typing skills, Quick learner, can explain things easily, programming, finding bugs. I am friendly and easy to get along with. I show respect whether I like the person or not and I help everyone who needs it and asks for it. I can speak Al Bhed...if that helps xD

    Additional information you would like to provide about yourself (Optional): I am here to actually work on my programming skills and to work on my big music project. I heard about Yuki's GM losses (inactivities) and decided I'd help write scripts for her again and help her tech-wise when possible.

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