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    Motori - GM Application


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    Motori - GM Application Empty Motori - GM Application

    Post by Motori on Mon May 03, 2010 2:28 am

    In-game Name :
    Nightshade / Motori
    Real Name (Optional):
    Time Zone:
    (GMT - 6)US and Canada
    Position Applied for: Pvp/Woe Police, Event

    What does being a GM mean to you?:

    Keeping order among players; discreetly balancing out the game without impeding the gameplay of any normal player

    What is the reason for you wanting to become a GM?:

    Cut to the chase, policing. I'd love to say that Starlite is the ideal server, but with recent events I've seen players can get out of hand. Every server has basic rules that everyone can agree on, and when these rules are broken its the community that suffers

    What will you contribute to the server if you are chosen?:

    To be blunt, my finals end soon and I'll be on a lot, with the growing population, there needs to be a supportive amount of administration

    How many hours can you be online on Starlite RO for?:

    On an average day, I would say a minimum of about 3 hours

    Why should we choose you?:

    I don't see any advantages to me being a GM, only the advantages and benefits all the players on the server, including myself, would receive in having an authority figure to turn to with questions and help requests

    Do you have any experience in being a GM? If so, give some examples:

    I ran my own server for about 2 months until there were problems with the hosts server and we had to shut it down. I came up with creative events, and have some knowledge of SQL and how a server works.

    Have you had any experience in scripting or spriting? If you are applying for a Scripter GM position, what scripts have you made already?:

    I scripted a few changes to cards once before, but it was never something i was exceptional at. Spriting I've yet to attempt

    How long did you play Starlite for? How often do you play on Starlite everyday?:

    I play atleast a few hours a day, and I've played for atleast 2 months now

    Information about yourself (skills, qualities, languages, and others):
    Unbiased personality
    Common sense and judgment in various situations
    Down to earth, easy to reach attitude

    Additional information you would like to provide about yourself (Optional):

    Whether or not its me, I really would like to see at-least one more very active GM. With the type of person I am, I see only the service and not the power and anything I do will be for the players

    On another note, I understand that a position as a policing GM is something pretty hard to just apply for right off the bat, I would have no problem being a trial GM for an extended period before the final decision is made whether or not I get the position.

    Thank you for reading

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    Motori - GM Application Empty Re: Motori - GM Application

    Post by Euphy on Mon May 03, 2010 1:08 pm

    Go Baby XD
    Admin Yuki
    Admin Yuki
    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

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    Motori - GM Application Empty Re: Motori - GM Application

    Post by Admin Yuki on Tue May 04, 2010 12:04 am

    Thank you for the application. Can you move this to the new forum as well?

    Give yourself some time to breathe.
    Motori - GM Application Sv5o40

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    Motori - GM Application Empty Re: Motori - GM Application

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