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    Trade for Quest Customs Empty Trade for Quest Customs

    Post by Lucian on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:19 pm

    Well, I'm in the middle of making some of the quest custom NPCs still, but for those who want to hunt first (and want their items faster), here are some requirements for some customs:
    Enchanted Armors

    Ghost Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -1 Ghostring Card
    -10 white dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -300 3carat Diamond

    Undead Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Evil Druid Card
    -10 black dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -275 Piece of Black Cloth

    Shadow Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Bathory Card
    -10 violet dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -275 Bat Cage

    Holy Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -1 Angeling Card
    -10 lemon dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -275 Old White Cloth

    Fire Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Pasana Card
    -10 scarlet dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -300 Flame Heart

    Water Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Swordfish Card
    -10 cobaltblue dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -300 Cursed Water

    Earth Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Sandman Card
    -10 darkgreen dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -300 Great Nature

    Wind Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Dokebi Card
    -10 orange dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -300 Rough Wind

    Poison Armor
    -200 Gold Coins
    -2 Agriope Card
    -10 violet dyestuff
    -1 Valkyrie Armor
    -275 Sticky Poison

    You may trade these items with me in-game whenever I am on (or another GM is on). Thank you!

    Kitsune Trader will be up soon. As for the other customs with skills and such, I will post updates here once I decide on the requirements. I will just edit my first post, so be sure to check it out frequently!
    Different bullet elements will be added in the Ammo shop in the mall on Saturday. Thank you for your patience, and have fun~

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