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    The 501st

    Crimson Star
    Crimson Star

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    The 501st

    Post by M0rbidfates on Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:30 am

    M0rb here. My brother and I, we may not have flashy names, or banners, or those cool Recruitment Quotes you may see from the other guilds. But what we do have is experience, a friendly environment, and an extremely helpful guild. Looking for that MVP card that you just can't quite seem to get lucky enough for? Trying to make some money to get those Custom Wings that look oh-so-nice? Wanting an elite troop of soldiers for some hardcore WoE action? Then The 501st is for you.

    Message either The Right Click, Pyrotactician, or any of my characters to join in the Elite Army of the server. We may be few, but we are mighty, not to mention friendly and helpful. If you just want to join us from some giggles, that's alright too ^_^

    We're a small guild, thus far. But we hope to live up to the name of Vader's Fist by the time this server makes it up to the big leagues. Yes, our name is taken from Star Wars, but y'know what? When you see an army as powerful, as intelligent, as crafty as Vader's 501st, then you know that we Chose well for it.

    Whether you're brand-new to Ragnarok Online, or a seasoned veteran looking to make a name for yourself, we're more than happy to accept and help those who would ask for it. So, soldiers. Join the elite, the mighty, the all-powerful 501st, and you will be guaranteed a life (or at least your play time) of companionship and fun.
    The Left Click
    The Left Click
    Guild Leaders
    Guild Leaders

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    The 501st

    Post by The Left Click on Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:11 am

    My little brother covered pretty much everything in his post. We are a small guild and not really active in WoE at the moment. When we get more people we will more then likely play around in there.

    We have an abundance of help coming from me, the guild leader, or any of our close friends.

    Always eager to help, always eager to duel/pvp,we are The 501st! Come and join us, add number to our rank and file!

    (free hug with proof of joining!)

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    GM Lainia
    GM Lainia
    In-Game Moderators
    In-Game Moderators

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    Re: The 501st

    Post by GM Lainia on Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:14 pm

    Good Luck on getting more players to join your guild!! ^_^

    Hopefully you'll be able to be one of the great guilds on Starlite RO x3!!!

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    Re: The 501st

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