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    Admin Yuki
    Admin Yuki
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    Server Details Empty Server Details

    Post by Admin Yuki on Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:54 pm

    Welcome to Starlite RO! We hope you all enjoy your stay here~ We will make accommodations when necessary as this is a new highrate server. We will implement customs in on-the-go. We have a Starlite Coin System and a Gold Coin System here~ There are special custom quests that players can do. There are daily events (both automated and GM-held), so don't miss out on the fun!

    Server Information:

    Rates (Base/Job/Drop): 9001x/9001x/1337x *Awesome numbers!*
    Max Base Level: 501
    Max Job Level 301
    Max Stat: 500 for regular classes and 550 for baby classes
    Card Drop Rates: 5% for MvP monsters and 8% for normal mobs
    Max Zeny Players Can Hold: 2 Billion Zeny (May be changed later)

    Starlite RO Staff Members:

    Administrators for the Server and/or Forum:
    -Admin Yuki (in-game) (Level 100); Yuki (forum); AdminYuki (Chat Box) (main scripter)

    Head GM:
    -GM Sauce (in-game) (Level 90); Sauce (forum)

    Event GMs:
    -GM Ruby (in-game) (Level 80); Ruby (forum)
    -GM Lainia (in-game) (Level 80); Lainia (forum)

    Support GMs:
    -GM Keke (in-game) (Level 70); Keke (forum) (graphics designer)
    -GM iErrored (in-game) (Level 60) (Town Moderator); ierrored (forum) (main town guard and donations manager)

    Server Tech GMs (Hosters):
    -GM Misuki (in-game) (Level 99); Ally (forum)
    -GM Yumi (in-game) (Level 99)

    No Helpers at the moment.

    The Staff would not hesitate to help you if you are in trouble! We will try to be available as much as we can.
    Some of us have different time periods, so you would not see all of us on at once.

    Quests: Personalized GM Customs Quests, Kafra Doll Quest, Signpost Custom Quest, Balanced God Item Quests, Leveling Quests, Customs Quest, Enchanted Armors Quest, Dye Maker (more to come)

    Additional Information:
    -One-click Healer
    -One-click Repairman
    -100% Card Remover
    -Normal Sprites (Original) to avoid bugs
    -Coin Trader NPC
    -Sexchanger NPC
    -Shifty Assassin NPC
    -Gold Room
    -Vending Machine
    -Reset Master (3-in-1: Removes extra skill points, resets skills, and resets stats)
    -Special PvP rooms
    -Automated Event NPCs
    -Emperium Breaker
    -Customated Dyes
    -Special PvP Arenas
    -Special GvG Arenas
    -Branch Arenas and Vending Area
    -Quest NPCs Area
    -PvP and Emperium Ladders
    -Mall Warper
    -Size Changer
    -Disguise Master
    -Devil Square
    -Endless Tower
    -Customs Mall Warper
    -Personalized Patcher and Loading Screens
    -1 Castle WoE (Prontera Kriemhild)
    -Leveling Quest
    -Mithril Coin Trader
    -Ninja Shop
    -Other Elemental Bullets
    -Enchanted Armors
    -Over 1000 customs and more to come
    -Forum Events
    -and More!

    Chat System: The forum, chat boxes, and comment box-

    To register in-game, go to the following link:

    The staff members are trying to make the classes balanced as much as possible. If you have any suggestions about the server, please feel free to make suggestions in the appropriate forums section!

    Refer back to this thread in case of any changes. Thanks for reading!
    Admin Yuki
    Admin Yuki
    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

    Posts : 380
    Reputation Points : 8
    Join date : 2010-03-07
    Age : 27
    Location : Canada.

    Server Details Empty Re: Server Details

    Post by Admin Yuki on Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:02 pm

    We will now allow players to level up their homunculus with gold coins.

    1. Homunculus must be in the evolved form.
    2. It must be at least level 150 before using this system.
    3. 1 Gold Coin per level boost until level 450 (the rest you have to level).

    Max homunculus level is 505!

    Give yourself some time to breathe.
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