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    Donation System Empty Donation System

    Post by Admin Yuki on Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:18 am

    Donation System Dyr70i

    Truthfully, we need donations to pay for our host, domain, etc. For those who can help the server financially, donate some money and pick out of the list below for the monetary value you provided. Players do not have to donate though! All things can be obtained through Gold Coins, Quests, and Events. We appreciate players who are just willing to play on our server ^^!

    For those who donate, press the donate button provided (donate through PayPal). It is secure. If any problem arises with the transfer, please let us know in the Tech-Support Section in the Donation Help thread. Otherwise, you may also send a personal message to my forum account (click on Yuki on the Main Page in the Announcement Box). We will respond immediately if we can. When you donate, please send a personal message to my forum account or ierrored's forum account (click on ierrored) regarding your main character's name, your paypal account name, the amount you donated, and the things you want as a reward for your donation (donation system below). Also, you can send a Support Ticket on the Staff Info page of the main website if you do not want to send a PM to our forum accounts. We will reply as soon as possible.

    Forum Account Links:

    Admin Yuki


    Donations System:

    [*]1 dollar per job change (character must be maxed)
    [*]1 dollar per name change (If you want to change your character name, we will be glad to relevel your character once you delete your old one (must be maxed))
    [*]3 dollars per custom (any custom at all whether it be equipment or headgear except for GM ones and certain quest ones)
    [*]5 dollars per custom with custom name on it
    [*]3 dollars per custom pet of choice
    [*]5 dollars for 10+ Refine on anything except for unrefinable gears (1 equipment gear/headgear of your choice)
    [*]5 dollars for 35 bloody branches
    [*]5 dollars for 320 Gold Coins
    [*]7 dollars for 480 Gold Coins
    [*]10 dollars for 720 Gold Coins
    [*] 3 dollars for 15 bubblegum and 20 field manuals 300%
    [*]3 dollars for 10 bubblegum and 22 convex mirrors
    [*]3 dollars for 15 field manuals 300% and 25 convex mirrors
    [*]5 dollars for 20 bubblegum, 15 field manuals 300%, and 25 convex mirrors
    [*]5 dollars for 30 Silver Coins
    [*]10 dollars for 75 Silver Coins
    [*]5 dollars for 30 Old Card Albums
    [*]10 dollars for a Valk Set (2 Valk/Randgris Helmet Customs of Your Choice)
    [*]10 dollars for a Premium Account that lasts for 1 week (Super Player Level 10)
    [*]15 dollars for a Premium Account that lasts for 2-3 weeks* (Super Player Level 10)

    *If the player is found abusing the commands/pestering other players with the commands, he or she can only have the account for 2 weeks. If not, 3 weeks is the maximum depending on their behaviour.
    After the time limit is done, the account will be reverted back to a Player Level 0 account (no more extra commands). Players can keep the characters (whatever levels and items they have).

    We will not trade any custom cards or any cards in-game. Hunt for the cards yourselves!
    Refer to Starlite RO's Customs Thread (click on the link) to see what customs are in the server.
    These prices will mostly likely not change. We will try to keep this donation system steady. More options will be available soon. Thank you for helping out the server!

    Click on the link below to go to our donations page (Click on the Spoiler and Donation Buttons at the bottom of the first post to donate):
    Donations Page
    Thank you for your assistance! More information about donations is provided in the link above.

    Please send all PMs on this forum! Don't send it using the old forum. Thank you!

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    Give yourself some time to breathe.
    Donation System Sv5o40

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    Donation System Empty Re: Donation System

    Post by jhina on Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:18 pm


    I thought that I would repost what Alexandria did and explain a few changes.

    I also want to note something; if people want to donate via another method keep in mind that our Business Office accepts Western Union, Paypal, Check, Money Order and 2checkout. We only offer this as a special service to certain clients however we still do offer it. If anyone wants to use one of the above please email before doing so; keep in mind by donating this way it goes directly into their hosting account; we will NOT be able to issue refunds and chargebacks occur other fees so if you donate this way please be honest. Western Union payments are accepted in amounts over fifty United States Dollars. Payments via check or money order will take time to process. We only accept payments via these methods from 9 AM - 5 PM Monday thru Friday and Noon - 3 PM on Saturdays. Below is the information to send via the methods above:

    Western Union/Check/Money Order

    Care of (Name): Joshua Hina
    Company: Delta Services LLC. (Make checks and money orders payable to the company)
    Address 802 SW Sunset Way
    City: Troutdale
    State: Oregon
    ZIP: 97060
    Country: USA
    Phone: 5035013800

    We do also accept bank transfers however we will not cover fees associated with such. If you would like to do this please allow our business office 48 hours to process the request and send you the information you will need to send the transfer.

    If anyone has any other questions about donations refer them to the account holder or donations manager. If you have issues with the server please post them in technical support, on the ticket system or email . Thank you.

    Alexandria Davis
    Delta Services LLC.

    A few changes to speak of. You can reach me directly at extension 504 on the company phone line however since it goes up and down a lot if you have something urgent call my house at 1 (503) 665-9684. You can also do this if the server is down. Please ask for Josh. Because of financial problems in my personal life the company bank account was closed (i am having someone else manage my finances; they said that doing this is the best way to help resolve my problems) You can still send me checks and money orders though. I prefer money orders as they are easier to cash. Please make them payable to me. Anything you send will be put forward on the account and if you absolutely must I will accept cash just note that if it gets lost in the mail I am not liable. As the information above also says you can pay via Western union. I accept these Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 6 PM. Some other members of our staff may pick them up on weekends though it will take longer to process if that happens so please contact me directly if you send them. You can email me at or file a ticket to If you have any questions about these alternate donation methods please PM me. Again remember that these go right into the payment for the server, domain and website hosting so the server won't be able to use the money for anything other then that if you send them to me. Have a good one.


    Joshua "Joshies" Hina
    CMO, Delta Services LLC.

    Donation System Yumi1
    Skype: jhina5422
    I've been doing this forever; if you have questions feel free to ask.
    Admin Yuki
    Admin Yuki
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    Head Administrator

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    Donation System Empty Re: Donation System

    Post by Admin Yuki on Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:26 am

    Yes ^^^ (if you want to use Western Union instead)!

    If you have Paypal, you can also donate towards iErrored's paypal account, and he will inform me of the donations. Thank you!

    Paypal Donation Link: Click here to donate using Paypal!

    Once again, thank you for all your support!

    Give yourself some time to breathe.
    Donation System Sv5o40

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    Donation System Empty Re: Donation System

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