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    Admin Yuki
    Admin Yuki
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    In-Game Server Rules Empty In-Game Server Rules

    Post by Admin Yuki on Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:05 pm

    In-game Rules:
    There are always rules for every RO servers out there, so as players, you should obey them to the best of your abilities to ensure that everybody has a good time here~

    Chat Rules:

    1. Do not ask for items from people repeatedly. If people do not agree to it the first time, do not continue to pester the players. After all, everyone worked hard to hunt for zeny and their items, so do not waste their efforts with your selfishness. This rule also applies to the new players. There are people who are willing to give their items to new players, but not all players are like this; therefore, do not bother those who are not willing to offer their things to you. Nobody has to give items for free unless the individual feels like he or she wants to.

    2. Do not spam your words. Repeating the same thing numerous times during a short period is counted as spamming. Players are bothered by this, and it ruins the public chat. If you are caught spamming the same thing 3 times or more, you will be punished.

    3. Do not advertise other servers when you are playing on this server. You may talk about the old server that you’ve been to, but do not convince anyone to join another server. That would be known as “player stealing” which is not beneficial to the server. The best case scenario is to not mention another server’s name at all.

    4. Do not harass anyone on the server. What this means is that you should not say anything offensive to those around you: Do not be discriminating. So, no insulting, cursing, calling people racist names, flaming, bashing and etc are allowed.

    5. Do not post in the middle of the streets of Prontera. We do not mind if it's on the streets but do avoid the NPCs. Leaving AFK chats in the middle of streets are a nono.

    PvP Rules:

    1. The number one rule for PvP is NO TEAMING. This means that you cannot attack an individual that another person is attacking. That would obviously be unfair to the victim. If you use AoE spells and hit more than one person, the people would attack you back, so you just have to be careful about that on your own terms. Do not help asperio your friend’s opponent or strip someone of his or her equipment. You can only buff your friends if you wish to do so (like FCP, increase agility, and so forth). If someone misclicks, do not blame them. They should not do it again. If the situation repeats, just attack the person~

    2. Do not laugh about someone’s death in PvP. PvP is supposed to be fun, so don’t ruin the mood with your pride. Do not gloat about your victory.

    3. If you are fighting someone, fight with them to the end. You can run around the map and make the person chase you, but do not log out until the log out timer is done (15 seconds). That would be really unfair to the opponent. If you are caught doing that, you will be punished for sure.

    WoE Rules:

    1. Your guild should have an emblem before your members participate in WoE. That way, people would know which guild is in charge of the castle. (The flag in town does not say the guild’s name. It only shows the guild emblem.)

    2. Do not use Ice Wall or Fire Wall skill in right front of each portal. You can use them further within the rooms (just not in front of each entrance). You may use traps.

    More In-Game Rules:

    1. Do not hotkey monsters name when you are participating in the Disguise Event. If you do, consequences will appear. If you see someone using hotkey, please report it on the forums or in-game to a GM.

    2. Do not use guild emblems that are inappropriate. Same goes with character names and pet/homunculus names. I will give out warnings at first. If things are not changed, heavier punishments will be executed. Same for vulgar names used in-game whether they are guild names, character names, and etc. These rules apply to players AND GMs. Be careful now. We want a friendly community (young players play here, too)!

    3. No more dueling in the midst of town where everyone is. It's annoying, and could block some NPCs. Either use PVP or go to a deserted place in Prontera or go to another town.

    4. Do not blame GMs for any erroring in-game. Do not blame them for not being able to help you when they tried to.

    5. Do not spam skills in town. Buffs are fine but if I see random AoE skills being spammed just for the hell of it, you'll be punished. As of now (March 21st), we will warn the players not to spam skills. After the 2nd warning, we will no longer be lenient. Yes, we will write down names of those who do it. Also, do not bother with using a different character to spam. Not trying to threaten anyone but we have ways to check. And this effects the whole community so I suggest you take this a bit seriously.

    Very Important Rules
    These rules are very important to follow. If you are caught breaking one of these rules, you will be punished severely, so do not break any!

    1. Impersonation of a GM or Admin: You cannot use “Admin” in front of your name (or at the back). The same goes for the prefix and suffix “GM”, so please keep this in mind when you are making your characters. Starlite RO staff members will have either “Admin” or “GM” in front of their names. If you are not sure, be sure to type @who and see if the person has server powers. Administrators and Game Masters will never ask for your username or password unless it is a really serious emergency. Do not tell people that you are a Game Master or an Administrator.

    2. Botting is not permitted. Do not used third party programs to level up or hunt for items. If you are caught botting, face the consequences that follow.

    3. Hacking is not allowed as well. If there is an error, and you have a screenshot to prove that you have some items, do not “photoshop” it or use other image alterating programs. It’s not good to lie!

    4. Do not sell your account because if problem occurs and that you were lied to, we cannot do anything about it. It would be your fault for telling the other party your username and password. It’s best that you do not trade accounts or share accounts. We will not recover lost items if someone went into your account and took them.

    5. Listen to what the Admins and GMs say. Do not go against their words. If they are being corrupt, you may report them in the report section. They will receive punishments then. Otherwise, do not annoy them. They are here to make the community more fun and player-friendly.

    6. Don't start trouble or drama with ANYONE. We have had it with drama, so we won't be nice if you break this rule.

    7. Don't cheat players out of items/money/currency. We want fairness while this server is around.

    8. No cheating during any events/contests. If we explain the rules, and you have questions about some of the rules, then ask us. Don't just assume that if we didn't say "No warping", then don't just start warping. And if you die during an event, do no respawn and then warp back to the map. We will know if you did and you will be disqualified instantly from the event. Yes, that means that you won't get an type of prize if you're disqualified.

    9. If you don't like the events that are currently being hosted, then don't participate in them.If you participate, then start acting like a total idiot, then we will be forced to mean upon you. Also, do not talk trash about the events or the GM's hosting the events.

    10. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all. We're tired of hearing a bunch of BS about either the events, server, players, or GMs/Admins. Don't get us angry and problems won't start. If you don't like the server, then just leave. We don't need or want you here if all you're gonna do is whine worse than a 4-year old.

    11. Do not have inappropriate content in your name or posts. We want this to be a clean server, not a perverted one. It must be appropriate! Nothing sexual, violent etc. should be in your name. Violence can be in posts but not in names.


    If you are caught or reported to break any of the rules listed above (all the sections), you will have to receive punishments.

    These punishments would range from a 10 minute mute to a 3 days ban. If you are a notorious player (you keep on getting reported or caught), you will be permanently banned.

    Admins and GMs are allowed to pick what punishments the perpetrators deserve. Do not question or irritate them.

    There might be more rules added in the future or that the previous rules might be changed. Thank you for reading~
    Admin Yuki
    Admin Yuki
    Head Administrator
    Head Administrator

    Posts : 380
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    In-Game Server Rules Empty Re: In-Game Server Rules

    Post by Admin Yuki on Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:30 pm

    I would like to add an additional rule.

    Please do not KoS other people's target (do not kill/steal; kill on sight) unless you are participating in an event. Whoever finds the monster first should get the item unless the person died. If the invidividual died, the next person who finds the monster gets to kill it until he/she dies if the first person does not make it back to the monster in time.

    If a person does KoS, he/she will receive a warning first. If the action reoccurs, they will be muted in Prontera for a few minutes. If worse things happen, they will be jailed for hours.

    Use @noks for kill protection as well.

    Thank you for following this rule as well, and I hope you have fun here! Be friendly with each other now XD. Good sportsmanship is needed.

    Give yourself some time to breathe.
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