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    Post by Callhee on Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:50 am

    In-game Name : Panda

    Real Name (Optional): Byron Chow

    Time Zone: Pacific GMT -7

    [b]The position that you want (PvP Police/WoE Police, Player Relations GM, Scripter GM):
    Player Relations or PvP/WoE Police

    What does being a GM mean to you?: For me it to make sure that everyone enjoys playing the game, follow the rules and that no one is taken advantage of.

    What is the reason for you wanting to become a GM?: Haha, I've always wanted to help people out, make sure they have fun while they play and to see that people who have broken rules are dealt with.

    What will you contribute to the server if you are chosen?: My 6 years of playing RO and my awesome affable skills.

    How many hours can you be online on Starlite RO for?: As much as needed be it 24/7 or not.

    Why should we choose you?: I think that I would bring a unique set of PR skills to the team that would be very useful and my time in RO has given me an enormous amount of knowledge in PvP and WoE.

    Do you have any experience in being a GM? If so, give some examples: I don't have any experience.

    Have you had any experience in scripting or spriting? If you are applying for a Scripter GM position, what scripts have you made already?: Nope.

    How long did you play Starlite for? How often do you play on Starlite everyday?: Before I use to play almost 24/7 now just a few hours a day

    Information about yourself (skills, qualities, languages, and others): I'm extremely affable, very good at unbiased judgment of situations and I will take responsibility for my actions and in-actions.

    Additional information you would like to provide about yourself (Optional): I like cute animals o.o?

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