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    Simple Empty Simple

    Post by xMadarax on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:32 pm

    Possibly the simplest application I've ever done....My apologies.

    In-game Name :
    Madara (Pretty much ANY Madara as of right now...).

    Real Name (Optional):

    Time Zone:
    West Coast.

    The position that you want (PvP Police/WoE Police, Player Relations GM, Scripter GM):
    Police or Player Relations. I'm not normally on the Forums, though, so...

    What does being a GM mean to you?:
    Helping the server and the players the 'best' I can.

    What is the reason for you wanting to become a GM?:
    I like helping people when I can help them, and it's more helpful when the 'newbies' know who you are so you could help them.
    Also....People tend to not follow the rules and when GMs aren't around, there really isn't much you can do about that...I'm usually on, and I'd probably be on more if I had a position like that.

    What will you contribute to the server if you are chosen?:
    Whatever I can. I mean, I can't donate, 'cause I don't have money or anything... But I am a nice person and pretty friendly! :3? Friendly community!

    How many hours can you be online on Starlite RO for?:
    As long as I want. Just tell me, and I'm there.

    Why should we choose you?:
    I follow directions, I'm usually on, I'd make a pretty good GM...Though I'm sure there mayb be a couple people who would complain about me, I'm kinda used to that.

    Do you have any experience in being a GM? If so, give some examples:
    I was Admin on 3 servers, and owner of another.

    Have you had any experience in scripting or spriting? If you are applying for a Scripter GM position, what scripts have you made already?:
    I used to know how to script/sprite, but my head seems to have kicked most of that information out. But I learn fairly quick!...Not that it matters...xD

    How long did you play Starlite for? How often do you play on Starlite everyday?:
    5 months? Hours a day, when I can. Either all day or all night.

    Information about yourself (skills, qualities, languages, and others):
    I follow rules when I'm told. I don't get in trouble, really. I'm trustworthy. I can be an idiot at some times, but hey, isn't everyone? :3 I can speak English, obviously... Some Tagalog, French, Spanish....And Japanese.

    Additional information you would like to provide about yourself (Optional): Nah. xP Although... I would like to have contact with a head GM --hint hint-- in case I get confused or something.
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    The Left Click
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    Simple Empty Re: Simple

    Post by The Left Click on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:35 pm

    Go go Madara!
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    Newborn Star

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    Simple Empty Re: Simple

    Post by xMadarax on Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:16 am

    x33 We'll see where it goes from here!

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    Simple Empty Re: Simple

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